Posted Date:25 May 2018

Assistant Manager (admin)

Bharat Oil And Waste Management Limited

Experience - 3-5 years
Job Location - South Delhi
Number Of Vacancies - 1
Job Type - Full Time
Salary(INR) - 3.0 -3.75 lacs P.A.
Other Benefits - NOT MENTIONED


1. Day to day operation of the Head Office so everything works properly - Laser printers, Internet,
Telephone, Office Discipline. Attendance, Leave, CCTV, DVR, Security System, Attendance
2. Follow up all telephone bills. credit card bills, electricity bills and any other bills related to
administrative work, track payment, receipt and coordinate with telephone and electric company
about any correction .
3. Follow up of ALL Vehicle Insurance renewal.
4. Correspondence with any/all Govt. and Private authorities.
5. Exercising legal agreements through ADVOCATE where necessary.
6. Filing of all legal paperwork monthly, quarterly and annually with CPCB, UPPCB, UKPCB, other
7. Vendor I Supplier Management
8. Human Resource Management; Hiring HR Executive, Sales Coordinator, Office Boys and Sales
9. Review, Negotiation & execution of Agreements with vendors, employees and customers.
Agreements must be negotiated thoroughly to BOWML advantage and kept securely.
10. Applying for Renewals of Licenses every year for all facilities. Tracking the license expiry and
applying 4 months in advance of expiry. Collecting monthly disposal data from each facility and
filing with SPCB.
11. Correspondence with our Plants at Sahibabad /Kanpur/ Roorkee/ Haridwar. i.e collecting
Information and communicating corporate information.
12. Employee Attendance and Productivity Tracking and improvement.
Overall Human Resource, Discipline, Reliability, Productivity & Performance management of
head office staff.
13. Verify, Inspect and Ensure data backups of File System, WTS, Accountsis done by employees weekly on a PEN DRIVE. Inspect and assign appropriate duties. Reward/Penalize for negligence. Ensure disaster recovery and business continuity in no more than 30 minutes in case of disaster of loss of data. Ensuring disaster planning and recovery procedure is there and being followed
14. Accountants backup of Tally data daily and weekly is followed religiously
15. Office Resources - Internet, Telephone, Mobile Phone, Kitchen, Laser Printers, Telephone
System etc are managed effectively with highest productivity, minimal downtime and operating
cost. Ensuring no abuse by employees through strict military type administration of the office.
16. Monitor, Track daily performance of Managers in Roorkee, Kanpur, Sahibabad and Haridwar










Branch - All COMMERCE



Bharat Oil and Waste Management Limited

Since 1978, Two generations of our founders and employees are committed to providing highest quality and economical products / service to our market using environmentally friendly technologies for complete hazardous, electronic waste management, incineration and to re-refine petroleum products. We are committed to protecting mother-nature by providing safest hazardous waste management service, electrical-n-electronic waste management service, recycling/refining used lube oil and manufacturing international quality lube oil products using environmentally friendly technologies and world class quality meeting or exceeding the ISO-9001, ISO-14000, ISI (Indian Standard Institute) and ASTM ( American Society for Testing and Materials) standards. We provide hazardous waste management service through the following facilities:
Sahibabad Industrial Area, Ghaziabad, UP (Common HW Incinerator, Recycling/Re-refining Used Lube Oil)
Kanpur-Dehat, UP (Common Hazardous Waste Treatment Storage Disposal Facility - CHWTSDF)
Mukimpur, Roorkee (Common HW TSDF, Electrical, Electronic Waste Storage, Disposal & Smelting, Waste to Energy Conversion)
Sector# 4, SIDCUL-Haridwar (Common Municipal Solid Waste Management, Composting, SLF)
BOWML is licensed by:
Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (Dept. of Petroleum, Chemicals), Government of India, and registered with Ministry of Environment & Forest
CPCB for used oil re-refining
UP Pollution Control Board for used oil re-refining & common hazardous waste incineration at Sahibabad Industrial Area, Ghaziabad, UP
UP Pollution Control Board for Secured Landfill, Common HW Incinerator, Laboratory / TSDF at Kanpur-Dehat, UP
MoeF & Uttrakhand PCB for Secured Landfill, Common Incinerator (TSDF), E-Waste Disposal, Smelting and Waste to Energy Conversion at Mukimpur, Uttrakhand